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Voice Innovate Corp (VIC) is a private corporation headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. VIC specializes in developing secure custom telephony solutions utilizing advanced yet simple to use speaker verification, recognition and text to speech technologies.


We are not distracted with unrelated development efforts.

At Voice Innovate Corp, we make our living by designing, developing, selling and supporting nothing but best-in-class telephony applications that do indeed SOLVE BUSINESS PROBLEMS.

Our applications allow efficient and secure authentication to valuable company resources utilizing different methodologies such as voice biometrics, RSA tokens, CLID’s or a combination thereof.

For over 15 years, VIC has been solving clients’ telephony business problems including, but not limited to, secure access authentication and misuse of costly telecom resources. Our secure telephony applications WILL reduce cellular long distance and roaming charges. Your phone bill will provide the proof.

Our clients, whose identity are always kept confidential, include US and Canadian government departments, international financial institutions and other high-profile organizations that rely on the uncompromising security of their applications, data and corporate resources.

Our list of quality partners – including Nuance, the world’s leading provider of speech technologies – reflects the standard of excellence that we extend to our clients. VIC is an expert with voice technology solutions.

VIC’s unparalleled dedication to client satisfaction is exemplified by the personal level of customer service and accessibility afforded to each client by President Mark Kovalsky.

VIC has fostered a reputation for innovation and adaptability, through our suite of core products and our ability to quickly customize solutions for our first and only priority—our valued clients.

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