SecurLogin™, a RSA certified product, provides third factor of authentication utilizing voice biometrics for users of the RSA SecurID token system. By simply using your own voice, SecurLogin ties the actual user to their SecurID™ token. Lost or stolen tokens cannot be used by anyone but the original authorized user, EVEN if the PIN for the token is known.

The SecurLogin™ one-time user enrollment process would have an authorized user dial the designated enrollment number, key in their token serial number, perform a standard token authentication. After a successful RSA authentication, the SecurLogin IVR would ask the user to repeat three times, the digits 0 thru 9.

After their voice print has been successfully enrolled, they would now access the network/application utilizing the normal token authentication process.

Users log on as usual, (User Name, PIN and Token Code) after which the SecurLogin system calls them at a pre-designated phone number or optionally calling an authentication phone number, the system prompts the user to repeat five random digits.

After the user has spoken the digits, SecurLogin compares this sample with their previously enrolled voice print which has been securely stored. if their voice sample matches the stored model, the user is granted access to the application(s). No match would result in the user being prompted to repeat another string of random digits. If unsuccessful again the user would be transferred to the Corporate Help Desk for assistance.