Token Authentication

As the need for positive user identification and protection of valuable corporate information has increased, so has the need for this protection to be applied to the corporate voice or telephony network. Today both these resources are recognized as strategic, mission-critical components of an organization’s network security infrastructure.

In addition to allowing SecurPBX® token users secure access to their organization’s data network, they can now utilize the same token to authenticate to the corporate telecom resources—long distance, voice mail, conference bridging and IVR systems.

From the corporate perspective, expansion of the capabilities of the token to the telephony network simply increases the ROI of the RSA infrastructure, while maintaining the corporate security standard. In fact, Voice Innovate can now increase the level of security to THREE factor, utilizing the existing RSA two factor authentication and adding a voice biometric to certify that it is indeed the right person who is using the token.

For the user, it’s very simple – the same comfortable authentication process can now be utilized on the phone where security is a necessity.

SecurPBX prevents, not just detects, telecom misuse by stopping unauthorized calls before they reach the corporate PBX and its associated valuable resources without compromising the convenience and efficiency of remote telephone access.

Functioning as an RSA Authentication Agent, SecurPBX® requires remote callers to provide valid SecurID® authentication prior to being transferred to specific PBX resources. The Authenticator transmits the credentials to the Authentication Manager for authentication. SecurPBX® works with all major PBXs.